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We take great responsibility in making sure you feel safe and comfortable, so we will be following these safety guidelines for your protection.


     1.  We will only be assisting one customer at a time and will be wearing protective masks  during each appointment.


     2.  Please arrive ten minutes prior to your appointment and wait in your vehicle until we call you in via text (we will be sanitizing and preparing the hair stations for each appointment.) 



    3.   Please wear a safety mask during your appointment.



    4.   Please do not touch hairdressers’ tools and products. Ask for assistance.



    5.   We suggest booking your next appointment before you leave the salon, since the availability at this time is limited. Please be patient.



    6.   We will be enforcing a 24-hour cancelation policy, which will be applied to last minute cancelations. A 50% service fee will be applied on your next appointment.


    7.   Due to our time restraints, please be sure to indicate every service (hair-wash, blow dry, hair-cut, etc.) you would like prior to your appointment as we cannot do any last minute services.

Thank you!


Please call or text our number (305-443-7959) in order to make an appointment. 

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