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WHAT PEOPLE  are Saying


Everything offered at Antonello's is high quality: Service, products, ambiance and friendliness.
Since I started going to Antonello's, I have never gone anywhere else.
W O N D E R F U L!!!!


I have been a client for 25 years and would never consider going anywhere else. Besides the wonderful hair and nail treatments, they offer OCIAU natural products that they produce. A visit to AP Salon is a spa treatment for me. 


I love going to Antonello Pasci Salon! It's so zen and everyone is so nice that it just puts me in the best mood. I found him because I'm allergic to all hair coloring and he uses organic natural ones, which is a life  saver. I was having problems with color staying for more than two weeks, but since I use his shampoo, I have no problems. 

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